Don Quante

A motivated, driven and determined successful financial advisor finally is passing on the secret tips and details on how to protect your assets while receiving quality long-term care.

Author, Speaker and Veteran Financial Advisor

A true professional in the financial planning industry. Don Quante recently put into print a book called “Don’t Go Broke in a Nursing Home”. This book contains the financial planning strategies he used with families to help them provide quality care for their loved ones without going broke in the process.

Don Quante is the founder of Wealth Protection Advisors, LLC. A financial planning firm based in St. Louis. For nearly 30 years he has been a trainer and speaker on the topic of long-term care.

His writing and speaking services have offered hope to thousands of families across the country that were faced with making decisions about long-term care planning and care giving.

Don lives near St. Louis Missouri with his wife and three children.